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Have you ever worked for a terrible boss? Well, be thankful you're not clumsy Magician's Assistant, Brando. He accidentally dropped boss's spell book into a cauldron of acid (who just keeps those lying around, amirite?), and spawned a whole mess of zombies! Angry with his clumsiness, Brando's boss cursed him to forever randomly turn into different animals, unless he can clean up his mess.

The only way to break the curse is to kill off all the zombie's he accidentally created. Use our swift attacks as a snake or powerful blows of a living tree to kill zombies, but be wary of their attacks if you happen to be a mouse!


  • Movement - WASD or Arrow Keys
  • Attack - Moving into the same square as an enemy initiates an attack
  • Exit Game - ESC (at anytime!)

Each of your forms comes with custom stats! A mouse has low BP and attack, but it's faster, granting more action points (as indicated by the orange dots under the character). Which form is your favorite?

Known Issues

  • Health resets incorrectly on transformation, sometimes granting the player more hearts than intended.


rando brando v0.0.3.zip 1 MB

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